* Our specialist knowledge and personalized service will create a more interesting and adventurous holiday for you.

* Our courteous service will not end with your booking, but is maintained throughout your stay.

* The most important consideration for safe, enjoyable adventure travel is meticulous preparation. In this regard, nobody equals the dedication of Himalayan idol Travel & Tours (p) Ltd.

* Our experienced guides, porters and cooks pay careful attention to arrangements for travel, the preparation of good, wholesome food and strict rules of hygiene. Our staffers are well paid; our tours are insured and properly equipped.

* We prefer a maximum of 20 per group and are happy to arrange tours for individuals and smaller parties. We believe that small groups minimize the impact on the environment and allow for the cultural interaction that is often the most memorable aspect of a holiday in Nepal.

* With the increasing concern over the global impact of tourism, Himalayan idol Travel & Tours (p) Ltd is moving towards the promotion of responsible tourism through cultural and environmental awareness.

* All guests are met at the airport and - left to us - transfers are stress free.

* We provide you with clear details of the cost of your tour so that you are fully aware of any extra expenses that may be incurred. No unpleasant surprises!

* We encourage comments from our guests and use them to constantly improve our services.