Dear Pramod,

It's a very nice and unique travel for me and my friends in Nepal. We were extremely excited about the venture of rafting, jungle elephant safari, boat riding, and the trekking. So closed to the beautiful nature, the original forest, great snow mountains and the wild animals and all those were protected at really original situation.

I personally thanks to Mr. Pramod who arrange our tour& trekking while we are in Nepal & enjoyed very much. Every day we pass through different styles of Mountain View near our eyes, workout our willpower, enjoy the success of self-challenge. We were impressed by the beauty and clean of the small mountain villages, as well as the nice and friendly people.

In Kathmandu, we felt the rich history and traditional culture of the country. My friends enjoyed the shopping very much.

It's also great that the itinerary was flexible for everyone that some of my friends just stayed in Pokhara enjoy the leisure time while some of us took the trekking for few days.


Joyce, Kuang Kuang & Group

Joyce, Kuang Kuang & Group