Dear Pramod!

I went to Nepal with another five Chinese friends in August, 2007.

Being in a country with completely different culture and social customs from ours, we felt somehow isolated, not knowing what to see and where to stay as we did not make detailed planning before our departure.

Himalayan Idol Travel offered us great help and provided us with very good service, without which, I dare say, our stay in Nepal would be far less wonderful.

There are three reasons I strongly recommend this travel agency to you.

First and foremost, it’s professional. The working staffs in this agency are all experts in domestic tour of Nepal, who have abundant knowledge about travel routes, accommodation and transportation. Individually designed tour routes are available which caters to the specific needs and tastes of different tourists. Besides, they are all proficient English speakers, which would save you from some possible troubles. (Note: not all Nepali people could speak sufficient English to make themselves understood)

The second, the price offered by this agency is quite competitive, including group tour, tickets, etc.

The third, the owner of this agency is a very nice guy, handsome and open-minded, who knows China very well as well.

To sum up: Himalayan Idol Travel will be your best choice for your tour in Nepal.


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Forest & Group