Himalayan Idol

Himalayan Idol and its boss Pramod are extraordinarily well-known among Chinese backpackers who are going to travel Nepal. Because people in China tend to search the travel information on the web in advance, we would easily find the recommendation on Himalayan Idol and Pramod. I think it may be a coincidence in this story, but one thing for sure, whether you are planning a luxury trip with your LV bags or a trip on the cheap, Himalayan idol is one of the best choices. The travel packages they offered are truly flexible so that you can easily touch any hot places in Nepal, even when the whole country lacks of petrol (Pramod vehicles are always full of petrol).... And the package price is always reasonable, and of course arguable. I should say Pramod and his guys are very friendly in our whole trip. We're still keeping in touch through MSN. Our trekking tour guide Rajan, who took us to Sarangkot, has a classical Nepali smile. He brings us lots of fun indeed. As the legend speeded in Chinese Travel BBS has mentioned, Pramod is truly handsome and friendly, that's why he have dozens of Chinese friends, especially girl friends. Again, if you are planning a trip to Nepal, think about Himalayan Idol, it may be one of the best agencies. People in this agency are also impressive scenery during your trip to Nepal.

Nelson and Buck

Nelson and Buck