We’ve been looking forward to going to Nepal since two years ago. As usual, we made traveling schedule; collected information about destination and read travel notes on internet. Then we found many people recommended a travel agent in Nepal: Himalayan Idol. After several emails with Pramod (the boss of Himalayan Idol), we decided to order their package. The best thing for us was that Himalayan Idol can arrange transportation, hotels, meals and guide according to our schedule, so all we should do is enjoying the trip. Now we’ve come back from Nepal several months, but we are still missing that beautiful place. Personally, I like Pokhara best. The Fewa Lake in the morning, the sunrise in Sarangkot, the fish tail peak… When we were in Sarangkot, we sit on the terrace of the hotel, the sun was setting and Pokhara was lighting. We drank milk tea and danced with Nepali people, the song “Resham Firiri” accompanied us for whole trip. And I remember the night before we left Pokhara, Jessie and I sit on the hotel’s flat roof, we could see fish tail peak under the stars, on the other side, Fewa Lake was there. It’s really beautiful moment. (If I was with a Nepali boy I like, it would be perfect. Sorry, Jessie, xixi.) Too many beautiful memories in Nepal and too many kind people there. It’s one of my best traveling experiences. I know I’ll go to Nepal again, for the magnificent Himalayas, for the delicious milk tea and fruit juice, for the historical buildings who can recall your ancient memories, and for the people who treat us kindly like Himalayan Idol.

Lip, Jesse & group
2007 September.

Lip, Jesse & group