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Greetings from the Himalayan Idol Travel & Trekking Company

It is our pleasure to present Nepal Himalayan idol Travel &Trekking Company - The largest full service trekking and tour operator in Nepal. As a member of Nepal Association of Tour & Travel Agent (NATTA), The Kathmandu Environment Education Project and The Nepal Tourism Board, we are absolutely familiar with the destinations we offer. Our main focus is meeting the needs and ensuring the safety of mountaineers, heritage Tour, trekkers, geologists, scientists and anthropologists. Our aim is introduce Nepal to the world without impacting on the precious ecology of our beloved country. We take pride in providing first rate services to each valued guest. We believe that beautiful surroundings alone do not make an unforgettable holiday - a thorough knowledge of the terrain and carefully planned arrangements for your safety and comfort are equally important.

Himalayan idol Travel & Trekking Company was founded by dedicated explorers and professional guides, at home whatever the terrain. We are the foremost name in Adventure Trekking, Cultural Tours, Natural tours, Mountaineering, Jungle Safari, River Rafting and many more other sports in NEPAL, TIBET & BHUTAN. Our friendly, well trained teams are recruited from the western and eastern regions of Nepal and have a deep respect and love for their magnificent country.

Himalayan idol Travel & Trekking Company gives you access to one of the world\'s highest mountains, the holy places, and World heritage sites and centuries old traditions of a unique region of the world. Our knowledge of NEPAL, TIBET &, BHUTAN contributes greatly to your safety and pleasure, ensuring that your holiday is memorable in the best way possible.

Climbing, Trekking, Hiking, Jungle safari, River rafting, Scientific explorations, Cultural tours, Historical tours, Special study tours, Rescue missions, Air/helicopter charters etc. have been our specialty for many years. You\'ll find our prices surprising affordable. We will be delighted to hear from you and honored to design an itinerary for you without any obligation on your part.

In co-operation with Nepal Tourism Board, Himalayan idol Travel & Trekking Company has organized many presentations and road shows about Nepal, Singapore, London (UK), Bangkok, Spain, Germany and China in the past.
 Choose Himalayan idol Travel &Trekking Company Because Of:

    Our specialist knowledge and personalized service will create a more interesting and adventurous holiday for you.

    Our courteous service will not end with your booking, but is maintained throughout your stay.

    The most important consideration for safe, enjoyable adventure travel is meticulous preparation. In this regard, nobody equals the dedication of Himalayan idol Travel & Trekking Company.

    Our experienced guides, porters and cooks pay careful attention to arrangements for travel, the preparation of good, wholesome food and strict rules of hygiene. Our staffers are well paid; our tours are insured and properly equipped.

    We prefer a maximum of 20 per group and are happy to arrange tours for individuals and smaller parties. We believe that small groups minimize the impact on the environment and allow for the cultural interaction that is often the most memorable aspect of a holiday in Nepal.

    With the increasing concern over the global impact of tourism, Himalayan idol Travel &Trekking Company is moving towards the promotion of responsible tourism through cultural and environmental awareness.

    All guests are met at the airport and - left to us - transfers are stress free.

    We provide you with clear details of the cost of your tour so that you are fully aware of any extra expenses that may be incurred. No unpleasant surprises!

    We encourage comments from our guests and use them to constantly improve our services.


Before you leave home, we help you prepare, with concise information about the terrain, the climate, local customs, etc. You can enjoy the sometimes high altitude conditions without discomfort as our guides have been trained in mountain safety and first aid procedures. We are in constant communication with our field offices and monitor all aspects of government policy and weather that may affect your trip. We are on-call 24 hours a day. You can rest assured that Himalayan idol Travel & Trekking Company has one of the best safety records anywhere. In the unlikely event of an emergency, helicopter rescue is available during treks and expeditions.

We provide fresh, hygienically prepared food served by our private cooks during trekking, expeditions & safaris. You can have Nepali, Chinese, Italian and as well as Western meals. Beverages include coffee, hot chocolate, tea and Nepali Tea (Milk Tea). Our locally produced food is free of chemicals and pesticides.
Health & Comfort

We pay attentions to your level of physical fitness and your appetite for endurance and adventure, and plan your itinerary accordingly. If you are part of a group, we do our best to ensure that you are neither over stretched nor held back by incompatible companions.

Our equipment is state of the art and carefully maintained. For example, we use the superb North Face VE-25 tent, as well as some others tents company from Nepal and have well furnished trekking equipments.

Both in the cities and outlying areas, we have long- standing relationships with the owners and managements of Nepal\'s network of hotels and inns, and can arrange excellent accommodation at advantageous tariffs, from simple accommodation in remote villages to the five star hotels of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Nagarkot and Bhaktapur.

Environmental friendly

Camping is the preferred way to enjoy one of the most beautiful and fragile spots on earth, because it allows you to be close to nature. Your sensitivity for your surrounding will influence others and your team will help with these simple guidelines.

1) Do not leave anything except your footprints on the trail, and do not take away anything except photos.
2) Use bio-degradable or burnable disposables.
3) Do not leave waste burning on a site. Bag and remove plastic and tins for disposal later.
4) Ensure that toilets are dug at least 50 meters from the camp, and cover with earth on departure.

Himalayan Idol Travel & Trekking Company mission is positive example for Nepali trekking companies. Our main aim is to maintain an economically competitive company that takes a small margin of profit in order to provide excellent wide working conditions and benefits for staffs & Local people we visit, socially progressive services and positive experience for host & clients, environmentally & culturally awareness and respect sustainable business practices.

Himalayan idol Travel & Trekking Company was founded by a group of experienced, enthusiastic & entrepreneurial trekking guides & tour leaders. During our working lives we have provided thousands of adventure and pleasure trips. Because of our quality, safe, friendly and economic service, many of our clients have now become our friends and with their continuing encouragement, we have finally decided to form our own company. We therefore are proud to Present Himalayan Idol Travel & Trekking Company and are committed to establishing an impeccable reputation both at home and aboard.
Our Services:

Himalayan idol Travel & Trekking Company can offer you personal and efficient services. Transport services run by our own drivers and cars. Multi-lingual and experienced guides are trained in Eco-friendly trekking behavior. City tours by knowledgeable tour guides within the valley are available. Our service include Trekking, White-water Rafting, Jungle Safaris, Bird watching, Nepali local home stay, Mountain Flight and Hot-air Balloon Flight arrangement and much more. Furthermore, package tours to exotic destinations such as Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim are available.
Social Responsibilities:

Better working conditions and basic human rights of the porters (helper) and staffs. Providing more facilities for staff and improving its staff\'s skills & working conditions, a safe working environment and reasonable salary are guaranteed.

In order to carry out our commitment for improving the livelihood of the poor, Himalayan Idol Travel& Trekking Company will give a portion of its profits to support social projects; in particular helping poor & lower cast children to go schools is one of our main targets. Under our efforts, some children from rural areas have recently received opportunities for schooling and we hope our support can be extended to more socially disadvantaged groups in the future such as women and low caste groups.

Family Atmosphere: It is always our pleasure to provide the best service for our clients. Besides this, the Himalayan Idol Travel & Trekking Company team is just like a big family, we are very much concerned about working staff (Our team). Please feel free to contact us for any information regarding travel in Nepal.

We take care of all incoming requests and send replies with itineraries/price to all interested parties. Himalayan idol Travel & Trekking Company offers good service, well- trained staffs, insured (secured) staff, good quality of accommodation depending on the target group, informative web page with specified itineraries.

Thank you!!

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